Here's How it Works:


Step 1: Buy a Sling


Step 2: Learn With Us

Step 3: Post A Picture of Baby & You!


Do you...

want a baby sling and/or
    want to know how to use it?

Hi, my name is Claire and I have a mission to sling 1 million babies.  The sling baby carrier is a must-have for anyone taking care of little ones.  I want to show you how to get one and how to use it.  

I want to bring you and your child closer together...because side by side you CAN do anything!  

There is no catch, simply contact me to get a lesson and then please post a picture of you and baby slingin' along on my Facebook page - 

Buy A Sling

Get a sling at and use promo code: GOOGLE1 at checkout.  Also check out your local children's resale shop, Craig's list, E-Bay, etc.   


Learn from a Pro

Contact me to set up a personal training session on how to use your sling, face to face!  We can FaceTime, Skype, Call, or meet up to show you how it's done.