The Mission


Hello!  My name is Claire and I started SlingAlongWithMe to help anyone who, first of all, would like a baby sling and second, would like to learn how to use it.  About twenty years ago, someone came along and gave me one and showed me how to use it.  It changed my life forever!  Slinging my own kids became second nature and it helped me so much.  I invite you to give it a try.  Sling along with me!

By sharing how to use the sling one baby & mama at a time, I want to help you do what you do.  My goal is to sling one million babies by 2027.  I would like to see the baby sling become as commonplace as a pacifier is. Instead of using plastic objects to hold our babies, I would like to see more babies held in baby slings.   Sling Along With Me, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) registered non for profit.  

Before I had my lesson I could not figure out how the heck to wear the sling. Now, I can slip my baby in and out no problem. We never leave home with out it. I love it! Thank you!
— Megan H.

What We DO

  • Show you the in's and out's of getting the hang of the sling
  • Teach baby slings or ring slings
  • Help you find the best fit no matter what brand you buy
  • Safety measures and tips
  • Give classes to families/groups
  • Tailor the way you hold the baby in the sling to the age/stage of your baby
  • Are available for follow up after your lesson for any questions 
  • Cheer you on!